Hashtag Entrepreneur

Hashtag Entrepreneur

What’s the business,

The design on deck is “Hashtag Entrepreneur”, which is simple and straight forward. It is for those that use social media to promote products, promote a brand, advertise affiliate links, or share information about being an entrepreneur. If you went to Twitter right now and searched with #entrepreneur, it would display all the latest and greatest content produced by individuals as well as companies.

So if you are an aspiring or established entrepreneur, you should own this shirt. When you wear it a few things might happen. Some people will jump on their favorite social media platform and search #entrepreneur to see if they are missing out on a trend. People may see your shirt and become curious about being an entrepreneur. Lastly, other entrepreneurs may feel you are relatable due the shared struggles associated with entrepreneurship. So create some biznotes, tweets, pins, or whatever you use to share on social media, hashtag entrepreneur it, throw your shirt and let social media universe take care of the rest.

Business As Usual,


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