Hashtag Entrepreneur

Hashtag Entrepreneur

Hashtag Entrepreneur

What’s the business, The design on deck is “Hashtag Entrepreneur”, which is simple and straight forward. It is for those that use social media to promote products, promote a brand, advertise affiliate links, or share information about being an entrepreneur. If you went to Twitter right now and searched with #entrepreneur, it would display all

The Consumpreneur

What’s the business, One of the first member tiers created for OVBE was the “Consumpreneur.” The Consumpreneur was modeled after the bargain shopper. Think of a person you know that uses coupons all the time, shops for the buy one get one free deals, or always finds sales. Read the Consumpreneur blog on OVBE to

O-V-BE Pronunciation

What’s the business, The design on deck is “O-V-BE.” This design was created after being asked what OVBE stood for while I was out and about. Many of my initial designs emphasized the letters OVBE, and I just assumed people would go research what it was about. People would ask what it meant, how do

The OVBE Nation design

What’s the business, I appreciate your purchase if you have made one. If you have not, what are you waiting for? Be a part of a growing collective that embraces the challenge of being an entrepreneur. My goal is to create attractive and meaningful designs. Not many people would bare a design on their chest

OVBE Style

Welcome, First and foremost thank you for finding your way to OVBE Style. OVBE Style is an extension of a social network for entrepreneurs called OVBE @www.ovbe.club. I am Jay, the founder of OVBE and the lead designer for everything you see on OVBE Style. My goal is to design clothing that emphasizes the principals