O-V-BE Pronunciation

O-V-BE Pronunciation

What’s the business,

The design on deck is “O-V-BE.” This design was created after being asked what OVBE stood for while I was out and about. Many of my initial designs emphasized the letters OVBE, and I just assumed people would go research what it was about. People would ask what it meant, how do you say it, and what the concept of OVBE was about.

Then just like that, the O-V-BE design was born. A design that answered how to say OVBE and what it means. A simple solution that satisfies the curious. When I wear the shirt, it’s cool to see people actually read the shirt. A few people even say they like the shirt. So when you wear this design out in public, be prepared to observe people staring at your chest. However, your stares may be due to your hard work on the bench press, not just from people reading what OVBE means. Whatever floats your boat, just smile, nod your head and say, “Don’t Dream It, OVBE It!”

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