The Consumpreneur

The Consumpreneur

What’s the business,

One of the first member tiers created for OVBE was the “Consumpreneur.” The Consumpreneur was modeled after the bargain shopper. Think of a person you know that uses coupons all the time, shops for the buy one get one free deals, or always finds sales. Read the Consumpreneur blog on OVBE to get a better understanding of how that member tier is important to OVBE.

The focus of the Consumpreneur design was the name itself, and a one-liner that captured what it was about. So I came up with Consumpreneur, #OVBE, followed by, “The Art Of Spending.” In my opinion, everything associated with being a bargain shopper has to do with the mentality of a consumer that has or attempting to master spending efficiently. It takes skill to be an entrepreneur, but it also takes skill to buy more with less. If consumers are not spending, then entrepreneurs can’t be successful. So if the shoe fits, get a shirt, and continue to get the most out of your dollar OVBE Style.


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