The OVBE Nation design

The OVBE Nation design

What’s the business,

I appreciate your purchase if you have made one. If you have not, what are you waiting for? Be a part of a growing collective that embraces the challenge of being an entrepreneur. My goal is to create attractive and meaningful designs. Not many people would bare a design on their chest and not understand what it represents. Let my explanation satisfy your curiosity and may you feel welcome to be a part of the OVBE Nation. If you don’t know what OVBE means, visit and click away.

The design on deck is “OVBE Nation.” This design was created with a couple of ideas in mind. The major focus was to put emphasis on OVBE and togetherness. It’s a very simple design. At the top of the design sits the name of the only social network for entrepreneurs, “OVBE.” Then there are the gold bars split by “EST. MMXIV”, which means established 2014, the year that OVBE was created. Next, we have the word, “Nation”, which provides a sense of togetherness. Members of OVBE are not just bodies to be advertised to, they are people with families as well as aspirations, and are go-getters that are attempting to create their own opportunities. One member’s success is the success of all the members, even though there is no profit sharing. 🙂 Positive vibes, words of encouragement, sharing knowledge, and helping others achieve their goals is satisfying in ways I cannot explain.

So if you see someone wearing an OVBE Nation shirt, you can probably guess they are an entrepreneur, embrace the ideals of entrepreneurship, have an entrepreneur in their family, a member of OVBE, or used to be an entrepreneur.

If  you see me out and about shout out a, “Don’t Dream It”, and I will finish it with an “OVBE It.” If you don’t know what that is visit, right now!

Business As Usual,



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